GBC Hire One Youth intern spotlight: Tynefa Mason

This summer the Greater Baltimore Committee is sponsoring 18-year-old Tynefa Mason through Hire One Youth, the private-sector component of Baltimore City’s YouthWorks summer jobs program.

The program encourages Baltimore businesses to hire at least one job-ready youth, between ages 16 to 21, for a six-week summer job. It helps young people get the real-life professional experience that will give them the foundation for their future careers.

Tynefa works primarily with Candace Dodson-Reed, a GBC vice president who coordinates the GBC’s Bridging the Gap initiative and a number of other initiatives/programs at the GBC. Candace also serves as Tynefa’s mentor.

Learn more about Tynefa, the GBC’s intern:

What have you learned in your first two weeks at the GBC?

I’ve learned that there’s a lot more going on in the business world – financially and socially. I’ve learned that professionalism is a key component to being an adult and becoming a young adult. It’s something I’m going to need. I’ve learned really good people skills and how to talk to people. I’ve always been good at talking to people but I’ve learned to talk to CEOs – how to have a business conversation.

Why did you apply for Hire One Youth?

It’s my first time in the program. I was picked, too, because of my grades – you have to report your report card – and they see that I’m put together, responsible. I was really excited about the opportunity.

What are your duties?

So far it’s a lot of computer work – database work or typing letters. I do tasks, whatever we need to get done and attend meetings.

What are your career aspirations and how does the Hire One Youth experience help you?

I’ve always wanted to be an attorney and I know that’s working in an office, so this is a great experience. Working at GBC has opened my eyes and working here gives me, because it’s my first time working in an office that’s so professional, that it’s a good base for what I’m going to be headed for in the future.

Why should your peers apply for Hire One Youth?

Hire One Youth gives you an opportunity to get a taste of the real world. It’s a great opportunity to get office experience and get into that mode of responsibility in a professional environment and it’s a really great opportunity to meet nice people and network.

For additional information about the program, click here.

More about Tynefa:

High school: Antioch Diploma Plus High School.

College: Community College of Baltimore County, with plans to major in legal studies this fall.

Previous work experience: Burger King, The Agape House Shelter and served as a camp mentor.

Summer plans following the Hire One Youth internship: Enjoy the rest of the summer and spend time with family and friends.