GBC Hire One Youth Intern Spotlight: Briana Grenway

This summer, the Greater Baltimore Committee is sponsoring an intern as part of Baltimore’s Hire One Youth program, which encourages young people to get real-life professional experience that will give them a foundation for their future careers. The GBC is fortunate to have Briana Grenway this summer to help with various projects. Read more about Briana’s background below:

Briana Grenway

Age: 20

Hometown: Baltimore, MD                    

High school: Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy

College: University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Major: Rehabilitation Services

Internship experience: I have had two internships through Medstar and one through the University of Maryland Medical School, all of which I completed during the course of my high school career.

Professional work experience: My last three jobs included a sales associate at Macy’s, a team member for Safe Management and a student leader intern at the Youth Ambassadors Program.

First job: At the age of 14, I was hired at my first job, as a crew member at the Flying Fruit Fantasy smoothie stand located in Camden Yards.

How did you hear about Hire One Youth? I heard about Hire One Youth because my mother works for the mayor’s office.

Why did you want to participate in the program? I wanted to participate in this program because I heard about the potential permanent employment opportunity.

What projects have you been working on at the GBC? So far I have worked on checking accuracy of member listing information for this year’s membership directory and done research on Maryland’s industry sectors.

What are your thoughts about the internship so far?  The internship so far has been enjoyable and informative.

What do your family members do? My mother works as an administrative assistant for MOED, my father is employed in the field of HVAC and does personal landscaping and home improvement on the side, and my brother (who is 24) is a sales associate at an electronics store.

What are your friends doing this summer? My friends are all working full-time schedules this summer and some are taking summer classes as well.

What plans do you have this summer after your internship is completed? After this internship is completed, I hope to be able to go on a small vacation with family and/or friends, complete and pass my driver’s skills test, and then I will be preparing to go back to school in the fall.

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