GBC hosts issues roundtable with John Delaney

Maryland business leaders should advocate for the adoptionof a “measured, prudent, and appropriate” approach for increasing the minimum wage to show leadership on an evolving issue that has the potential to spawn the adoption of “misguided” legislation at state and local levels, Congressman John Delaney told a group of CEOs and senior business executives from the Greater Baltimore Committee yesterday.

Delaney (D-Md. 6th) urged business leaders to advocate for increasing Maryland’s $7.25 per hour minimum wage – the federally-mandated minimum – by “about a dollar,” which would bring pay for Maryland’s lowest-earning workers to at least the poverty level.

His remarks came during a roundtable discussion with GBC chairman Brian Rogers and nine leading members of the GBC on the minimum wage and other topics relating to Maryland’s business climate.

Delaney also said that he is “very worried” about Maryland’s competitiveness. Issues that conern him include the state’s high dependence on the federal government and what he termed “hostile policy” toward Maryland businesses.

On the positive side, Delaney told CEOs that hs is “pretty optimistic” that Congress will address transportation funding next year, which would be good news for tow light rail projects in Maryland — the Red Line in Baltimore and the Purple Line in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties – both of which are positioned to receive federal funding next fall.

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