GBC Partners with Facebook Business Boost – citybiz Interview with Facebook’s Erica Woods

By Edwin Warfield

Erica Woods

GBC partners with Facebook’s Small Business Boost on Feb. 4.

Joining citybizlist Feb. 3 is Erica Woods, Manager of State Public Policy for Facebook, who describes a Facebook initiative designed to assist these small businesses. To help, Facebook is hosting the first stop on its 2021 virtual “Boost with Facebook” tour on Thursday, February 4 from 10:00am – 11:00am in partnership with the Greater Baltimore Committee. This free, virtual event will bring together hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs, job seekers and community groups from the Baltimore area to learn how to use technology to grow their businesses during these unprecedented times and learn new skills to best showcase products online.

Special guest Mayor Brandon Scott will kick off the effort to provide more digital skills training to small businesses and individuals, followed by remarks from Don Fry, President & CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee and Jayson Williams, CEO of Mayson-Dixon Companies.

Attendees will then hear directly from Facebook experts on how to use the platform effectively to maximize business potential. Topics include how to manage online presence with Facebook Business Suite and how to create ads from your Facebook page.

In 2011, Facebook launched the Boost with Facebook initiative to help educate small business owners about the tools that can help them find success on the platform. And throughout COVID, Facebook has been hyper-focused on helping small businesses recover from disruptions so they can continue to bring their products and services to their communities.

Interview Questions:

Q1: Tell us about what Facebook is doing here in Baltimore on Thursday.

Q2: What kinds of skills will participants learn, and who is the programming geared toward?

Q3: Tell us about some of the other people and organizations involved in the event.

Q4: Why Baltimore?

Q5: What else has Facebook done to support small businesses throughout COVID?

Q6: How do people in Baltimore sign up?

Q7: If businesses can’t attend the program this week, are there other resources you can point them to?

Source: citybizlist