GBC seeks Thought Partners for Bridging the Gap Academy

The Greater Baltimore Committee’s Bridging the Gap Academy is looking for “Thought Partners” for the academy participants.

In October the GBC launched the pilot program called the Bridging the Gap Academy. The academy, an accelerator program for minority and women-owned businesses, helps business owners gain valuable knowledge from an array of talented instructors who are helping them grow their businesses.

The next phase of the program will connect the graduates with established business leaders. These Thought Partners or mentors will be paired with graduates in similar fields for six months. Ideally, the Thought Partners and graduates will communicate monthly and attend one networking event together.

Academy graduates are:

  • Small minority and women-owned companies, (most) with revenues from $100,000 to $2.5 million.
  • Construction firms, a green supply company, technology firms, an environmental services firm, a public relations firm and consulting firms.
  • New members of the GBC.
  • Trained in our program in business finance, human resource management, strategic partnerships and joint ventures and contract law.

Please contact Candace Dodson-Reed by Friday, December 4, 2015 to be a Thought Partner for one of our graduates or additional information.

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