GBC-supported car-donation initiative changes lives

Another family benefited from a simple car donation because of a community initiative helping to change the lives of low income families in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

“I want to thank Vehicles for Change for my beautiful 1999 Mercury Sable,” said Tracy Shierelle Yancey.  “It is hard to tell you what a positive difference this vehicle has made in my life.”

The Greater Baltimore Committee partners with Vehicles for Change, a nonprofit organization that repairs donated cars and provides them to low-wage earning families. Vehicles for Change is the only organization in the State where your donated car will be awarded to a worthy family and you will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value. The GBC’s goal is to have 1,000 cars donated from member companies.

The GBC is urging members to continue to donate cars to the organization, providing vehicles families need to get to work, daycare and doctor appointments.

“I recently had to take full-time responsibility for raising my 18-month-old grandson, Jaylin, and I cannot imagine even trying to do this without an affordable and dependable vehicle,” said Yancey.

“Having a dependable vehicle means that I can get Jaylin to his daycare center and then get to work without worrying about whether or not my ride will show up,” she said. “I had to change jobs so that I could get daycare for my grandson and it is especially important to be present and on time for my new job so I can build a good reputation with my new employer.”

Here are few important highlights of the program:

1. Lower income families receive a car for $650 (average book value $4,000), a twelve-month Vehicles for Change guaranteed loan and a 6-mo/6,000 mile warranty.

2. If your car is in condition such that Vehicles for Change can award it to a low wage family you will be able to deduct, on your tax return, the fair market value of the car. This is not possible with any other nonprofit. The difference is often double the amount between the fair market value and the amount a car sells for at auction.

3. Vehicles for Change has awarded more than 3,000 cars to worthy families in the past nine years.

4. Vehicles for Change will donate $150 to the GBC for each car donated no matter the condition.

5. Vehicles for Change will pick up your car at no charge and provide you with all the necessary tax documents.

For more information, contact Kisha Brown at 410-727-2820, x38.  

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