GBC’s 2020 Baltimore City Election Coverage

Baltimore City Hall

2020 Baltimore City Election Business Advocacy Engagement

The last decade has been challenging for the City of Baltimore. Baltimore City enters the new decade at a crossroads. The 2020 Citywide elections provide an excellent opportunity for the City to turn the corner with bold leadership. The Greater Baltimore Committee encourages all businesses and residents in the City of Baltimore to engage in the election. Get to know the candidates. Talk to them about the issues that are of the most importance to you. Educate yourself. Activate your community. Inform your employees of the importance of this election. Elect leaders who will be #bold4baltimore.

Policy Priorities:

  1. Prioritize enhanced coordination across criminal justice agencies and support evidence-based crime reduction strategies to improve public safety.
  2. Implement strategic and inclusive economic development strategies to attract and retain businesses and residents.
  3. Exert solid, steady leadership to stabilize Baltimore City government and create a culture of integrity, transparency, and efficiency.
  4. Support education and workforce development programs that prepare Baltimore residents for family-supporting jobs in high-growth industries and create programs or initiatives to attract talent to Baltimore City.
  5. Utilize policy, funding, and intergovernmental coordination strategies to enhance Baltimore City’s transportation and mobility infrastructure and operations.

Candidate Questionnaire Responses

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In Their Words Election Series

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As a 501(c)4 organization, the Greater Baltimore Committee does not endorse candidates for public office. The information contained on this page and all engagement activities surrounding the election are for educational purposes only.