GBC’s Fry praises voter approval of transportation ‘lockbox’ measure

Greater Baltimore Committee President & CEO Donald C. Fry today issued the following statement praising voter approval of statewide Question 1 on the November 4 election ballot:

“The overwhelming passage of Question 1 by Maryland voters affirms the position taken by the Greater Baltimore Committee for almost 10 years – Marylanders expect our state government to use dedicated transportation funds for the purpose for which they were collected – the development of transportation infrastructure throughout the state.

“The constitutional restrictions enacted through Question 1 would prohibit the use of our state’s Transportation Trust Fund for other purposes and restores it as a true dedicated ‘trust’ fund. In effect, the enactment of the constitutional amendment helps to restore trust in the transportation trust fund – a message that all legislators should take seriously.

“This message is also consistent with one of the core pillars for economic growth and job creation outlined in the 2011 GBC report, ‘Gaining a Competitive Edge,’ which calls for ‘superior transportation infrastructure with reliable funding mechanisms.’

“Last night Maryland voters took a big step to ensure the reliability of transportation funding.”

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