GBC’s Next Up hosts professional development workshop for current and past members

Next Up Sandler event April

On April 28, 2021, GBC’s Next Up cohort met for How to Become a Master Communicator – Leadership as a Professional Chameleon. This professional development workshop was the first event bringing together both the 2021 cohort and Next Up alumni.

The workshop, guided by Keith Daw, Vice President & Trainer at McDonell Consulting Group/Sandler Training, explored the reasons we gravitate toward certain types of people and feel more comfortable in particular situations. Daw guided the group through a 45-minute interactive session on the behavioral self-assessment tool DISC. Topics covered included: How to recognize your own hardwired communication and behavioral style, how to identify the styles of others in your world, and tips on adapting to be a more intentional and effective leader.

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