Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Launch Local Year of the Girl campaign

On February 20, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland (GSCM) will be front and center at the State House to receive the official proclamation naming 2012 as the Year of the Girl in the State of Maryland.

GSCM CEO Traci Barnett and board chair, Sheela Murthy, will make remarks before receiving the proclamation.

“We are thrilled t to receive this proclamation which reflects the State of Maryland’s commitment to girls all across the state,” Barnett said. “The Girl Scout Movement is 100 years old and has been changing the lives of women and girls for a century. This year, with the Year of the Girl campaign, we plan to make more changes for girls and women, allowing them to achieve and assume leadership roles wherever they choose.”

The Year of the Girl is a national campaign launched by Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) to identify what impedes girls’ leadership aspirations. Peer pressure to not stand out, a lack of role models and mentors, unhealthy images in the media about beauty, and bullying from their peers have been identified as common obstacles for girls and the Girl Scout Movement is committed to remove those barriers in one generation.

In 2012, Girl Scouts will strategically work with elected officials, corporations and businesses, parents and all adults ToGetHerThere, to get all girls to a place free of the barriers that prevent them from achieving their full leadership potential.

“This country cannot afford to underuse the creativity, intellect and talent of its female citizens,” Anna Maria Chavez, CEO of GSUSA, said at the ToGetHer There launch in New York January 31.

Councils across the country are working together to ensure girls — the next generation of women leaders — will be free to assume their rightful place as leaders in business, politics, engineering, technology, mathematics, science, education; wherever they choose to lead.

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