Gov. Larry Hogan’s Jan. 26 COVID-19 Press Conference

COVID-19 updates

Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference on January 26, 2021, concerning Maryland’s COVID-19 response and vaccine administration.

Key Takeaways of the Press Conference

  • Maryland is continuing to see positive indications in its key health metrics. Maryland’s statewide positivity rate has declined by nearly 30%. The case rate has declined by 36%. COVID-19 hospitalizations have declined by 15%.
  • The primary obstacle for the state is the extremely limited supply of vaccines that are being produced by the CDC and federal government.
  • In order to complete Phase 1 of the vaccine rollout, Maryland will need 4 million doses. Maryland has a remaining supply of 110,000 first doses available. Many of these are already spoken for.
  • Maryland will require 12 million vaccines for each Marylander to receive two doses.
  • 95% of all doses allocated to the state have already been delivered to vaccinators in the state.
  • Maryland has started the process of opening more points of access through multiple private sector pharmacy partnerships, in anticipation of an increase of allocation from the federal government.
  • The state is using data to prioritize underserved areas and places where there is a greater need in an effort to be equitable.
  • Vaccines are being administered by appointment only and require proof of eligibility due to the limited supply.
  • In partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System and The Baltimore City Health Department, the state will be opening a mass vaccination center at M&T Bank Stadium when the state can secure higher allotments of the vaccines from the federal government.

Governor Hogan’s Remarks

  • In relation to the vaccine rollout, the Governor said, “As with any massive new effort, the nation is facing serious obstacles.”
  • Right now, Maryland is allocated approximately 10,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines per day for the roughly 2 million people in Phase 1 of the rollout, the Governor said.
  • “The plain truth is that for at least the near future, we fully expect that the demand for vaccines will continue to far exceed the supply that will be available to us,” said the Governor.
  • “As frustrating as this is for every single one of us, this will obviously be a much longer process than any of us would like. It is going to require a great deal of patience for many months, while the states continue to push the federal government and the manufacturers to increase their productions and to drastically increase their allocations to the states.”
  • “FEMA just approved our request for an additional $219 million in federal funding to support Maryland’s COVID-19 emergency vaccine programs,” the Governor said.

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