Governor Larry Hogan/Mayor Scott lift COVID-19 restrictions effective July 1

COVID-19 updates

On June 16, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced the end of the citywide mask mandate. This measure goes into effect on July 1, concurrent with the end of the statewide state of emergency and mask mandate as announced by Governor Hogan the previous day (see below).

The Mayor stressed that private businesses continue to have the authority to maintain mask mandates. He urged Baltimoreans to remain civil to everyone regardless of whether they choose to wear a mask after July 1.

On June 15, Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference announcing the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency in Maryland. Effective July 1, all emergency mandates and restrictions, including mask wearing and capacity requirements, will be lifted.

Private businesses and local governments will continue to have the authority to set their own safety standards and mandates. There will also be a 45-day grace period from July 1 to August 15 where certain regulations will be gradually relaxed to help Maryland residents successfully transition out of the state of emergency.

Read the June 15 press release.

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