Gov. O’Malley appoints Fry to Port Commission

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley appointed Greater Baltimore Committee president and CEO Donald C. Fry to serve on the Maryland Port Commission until 2010.

Chaired by John D. Porcari, Secretary of Transportation, this seven-member commission devises flexible procedures, particularly for personnel and procurement, and works to give the Port of Baltimore the competitive edge in maritime trade.

Fry has made advocacy for strengthening regional transportation resources a top GBC priority, launching a three-pronged initiative that includes lobbying at the state level, monitoring and evaluating new developments and proposals, and working on the federal level to ensure that regional transportation plans are funded.

“As we continue to face increased demands for international transportation of goods, the importance of ports is clear in that they are crucial connecting points, transferring goods and passengers between maritime and land-based businesses,” said Fry. “Smooth and efficient transportation of goods is vital for both the development and competitive strength of trade and industry.”

Prior to being named GBC president and CEO in 2002, Fry served in the Maryland General Assembly. He served as a member of the Senate of Maryland from 1997 to 1998 as a member of the Budget and Taxation Committee and its subcommittee on Public Safety, Transportation, Economic Development and Natural Resources. His tenure in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1991 to 1997 included service on the House Ways and Means Committee, Appropriations Committee, chairmanship of the Subcommittee on Transportation and the Environment, and membership on the Capital Budget Subcommittee.

From 1988 to 1991, Fry chaired the Transit Advisory Panel, a 28-member group of elected officials, community leaders and transit riders that developed long and short-term recommendations for the future of transit in Maryland for the Maryland Department of Transportation. His other appointments included the Joint Transportation 2000 Committee and the Special Joint Task Force on Transportation.

In 2006-2007, Fry was co-chair of transportation transition teams for both Governor Martin O’Malley and Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon. Recently, he was appointed by Mayor Dixon to co-chair the Mayor’s Transportation Investment Commission that is charged with developing a strategy to secure transportation funds for Baltimore City.

Other three-year term members of the Port Commission include John G. Gary; Brenda A. Dandy; Alvin J. Nichols; William B. Dockser, Esq.; and Charles H. White, Jr., Esq. Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary David W. Edgerley serves as a non-voting member.

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