Governor Larry Hogan’s Nov. 5 COVID-19 Press Conference

The Latest on COVID-19 in Maryland
Governor Larry Hogan in a late afternoon press conference on November 5 expressed concern with the increasing cases of COVID-19 across the country and in the State of Maryland. To date, there have been 149,964 COVID-19 cases in Maryland, including 1,198 new cases in the last 24 hours. This is the highest one-day total in the state since July 25.  Maryland has experienced 17,435 hospitalizations and 4,035 deaths.

The Governor stated that we are now in “a major surge of COVID-19.”  The good news is that Maryland is still doing better than other states because of the strong steps taken in the spring. The state’s positivity testing rate is lower than 42 other states although we are beginning to trend upward in recent days.

Although the statewide metrics do not warrant more restrictive action at this time, there is concern with the steady increase of the virus.

The emphasis of the Governor’s message is that Maryland is prepared but Marylanders “cannot afford to let our guard down,” we are not “immune free” and that we must resist “COVID fatigue.” The Governor urged that we remain diligent in wearing masks in the public spaces of all businesses across the state, avoid crowds, and to exercise physical distancing in outdoor public areas.

Local elected leaders, health departments, and regulatory and law enforcement agencies were asked to “step up” the levels of compliance enforcement to equal the efforts utilized in the spring.

The Governor announced a travel advisory asking Marylanders to avoid out of state travel to any states or areas of the country that have a positivity testing rate of 10% or higher. If you travel to those areas, upon returning you are asked to be tested and self-quarantine until the test results are received.

In his most emphatic statement of the press conference, Governor Hogan asked all Marylanders to “Wear Your Damn Mask!

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