Greater Baltimore Committee and Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Plan to Merge



For Release: January 26, 2022
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Greater Baltimore Committee, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Announce Roadmap for Merger 

Partnership will drive meaningful progress and vision for the Greater Baltimore region and residents


Baltimore, Md. – Today, the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) and the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) announced plans for a merger that will result in a new, unified approach for the work of these two storied organizations.

The new entity will represent a bold vision for how Baltimore will compete and thrive on regional, national and global stages and guide the strategic role business will need to play. This singular organization will have a future-ready mindset and orientation focused on delivering equitable, dynamic and sustainable economic impact that benefits the entire greater Baltimore community.

The organization will have broad and intentional representation from the entities, business sectors and individuals across the region to work in partnership towards a common goal of economic development strategies for a better Baltimore region.

“This new alliance will be built upon strong, collaborative public-private partnerships that will serve as the launching pad for significant and equitable progress,” said Calvin G. Butler, Jr., Chair of GBC. “The Greater Baltimore region needs one comprehensive organization with a clear, inclusive vision to increase economic opportunity, invest in lasting, equitable growth in local communities, enhance civic engagement and create a thriving environment for Baltimore’s diverse people, neighborhoods and businesses. By coming together with a singular vision, we’re building a strong roadmap and ambitious agenda to address these issues.”

The new entity’s mission, to advance a vibrant, future-ready Greater Baltimore region, is being developed from significant collaboration between GBC and EAGB.

GBC has worked to improve the business climate of the Greater Baltimore region by organizing its corporate and civic leadership to develop solutions for the challenges affecting the region’s competitive position and viability.

EAGB’s mission has been to bring together business, government, education and non-profit leaders to promote the region’s economic development assets and opportunities. Leadership from both organizations recognized the pandemic’s inflection point as an opportunity for a multi-sector approach to assess the relationship and responsibility to our region’s economic vitality and landscape and to accelerate the region’s success by aligning the work the GBC and EAGB individually pursue.

“The cornerstone of this merger is the shared belief that much more can be done together to further the region’s economic development and sustainable growth as well as a shared commitment to delivering greater and more equitable impact and benefit for the region’s diverse communities,” said Brian D. Pieninck, Chair of EAGB.

“By working as one, we can empower each other to support the realization of the region’s considerable assets and unique resources through a shared forward-looking mission and vision, focused execution, and commitment to inclusive collaboration and results.”

In 2022, GBC and EAGB will build upon the work multi-sector experts have underway to broaden Baltimore’s economic blueprints to the entire region and connect its businesses and communities.

“The Baltimore region is rich in assets strategically oriented and supported by diverse industry sectors,” Butler said. “It holds incredible potential for economic development but lacks a cohesive organizational structure, strategy and focused operating plan to leverage these assets and drive impact. The region, its people and communities are poised for greatness and this new alliance will help shape that future.”

About The Greater Baltimore Committee
The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) is a regional organization of business and civic leaders that includes businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational and civic institutions. It is the leading voice for the private sector in the Baltimore region on issues relating to economic growth, job creation, workforce development, transportation, the business climate and quality of life. The GBC’s membership is comprised of over 500 member organizations, including large, mid-size and small companies, nonprofits, education and foundations in the Greater Baltimore region.

For more information, visit the GBC website.

About the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore
The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) brings together business, government, education and non-profit leaders to market the Region’s economic development assets and opportunities.
For more information, visit the EAGB website.