Greater Baltimore Committee, Associated Black Charities release STEM report

The Greater Baltimore Committee and Associated Black Charities have released an innovative new report that details the many opportunities that exist in Baltimore for current or aspiring middle-skilled Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workers.

The GBC and ABC released the report – “STEM: Middle-Skill Career Pathways in the Baltimore Region” – at a Jan. 6 event at The Grand Baltimore.

Baltimore residents face significant barriers to employment that prevent many from obtaining well-paying jobs. However, there is great opportunity within the STEM fields for workers to progress into well-paying, middle-skill jobs through additional educational opportunities.

Through interviews with dozens of local employers, nonprofit organizations, and community groups, the GBC and ABC highlight six “Opportunity Sectors” that provide great potential for Baltimore’s residents to gain and advance in meaningful employment. While some sectors have career pathways built in, there are many opportunities to bolster existing pathways and to create new ones.

The report was presented by Chris Seals of Field Guide Consulting, a national labor economist. View his presentation here.

Seals outlined the report’s seven recommendations:

  1. Strengthen career pathways.
  2. Offer effective basic skills upgrading.
  3. Bridge gaps with support services.
  4. Create ways to gain work experience.
  5. Build stronger pathways for advancement.
  6. Build a stronger employer value proposition and promote employer leadership.
  7. Boost awareness and realistic access to middle-skill STEM careers.

“Experience is a very important recommendation,” Seals said. “Work experience can compensate for a lack of a bachelor’s degree. But there are very few workforce trainings that really have a large experience component.”

Six panelists – employers, training service providers, and employees – participated in a discussion about how to create new opportunities for more Baltimore residents.

The panelists were: Mike Adelstein, CEO, Potomac Photonics; Andy Bertamini, Regional President, Wells Fargo, and Chairman, Baltimore Workforce Investment Board; Calvin Butler, CEO, BGE; Candice King, graduate of the BioTechnical Institute; Jason Perkins-Cohen, Director, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development; and Kathleen Weiss, Executive Director, BioTechnical Institute of Maryland.

GBC President and CEO Donald C. Fry moderated the panel discussion.

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Read the report here. View Chris Seals’ presentation here

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