Greater Baltimore Committee issues guide to create successful school/business partnerships

October 28, 2020

The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) has released a guide to assist schools and businesses develop successful partnerships that expose students to career and other opportunities, while also helping businesses cultivate the future workforce.

“Business partnerships with schools are more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing economy,” said Donald C. Fry, President and CEO of the GBC. “By committing to a partnership with a school, businesses are supporting their communities while also investing in a future workforce ecosystem that will meet the needs of Maryland’s economy.”

Creating a Successful School/Business Partnership: A Guide for Schools and Businesses was developed as part of the GBC’s work with Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Dr. Sonja Santelises to find ways the GBC and Baltimore’s business community can support city schools and students.

Santelises said the GBC guide is timely as the city school system is eager to expand partnerships so students can get exposure to working professionals and expand their view of possible career choices. The school system recently launched its Partners in Education web portal to connect local businesses and organizations with city schools so they can establish partnerships and other volunteer activities.

“The GBC guide is a helpful new tool to assist City Schools in creating strong business partnerships with the latest best practices. The guide will ensure the partnerships benefit schools, students and businesses over the long term,” said Santelises.

The guide was developed by the GBC’s Education and Workforce Committee and includes a checklist that schools and businesses can use to ensure partnerships are established correctly and are sustained over time.

Demaune Millard, chair of the committee and President & CEO of the Family League of Baltimore, said the committee found that while partnerships often start out strong, they sometimes fizzle.

A GBC survey of research and interviews with Baltimore City school system and current business partners found that there are seven vital components to building and sustaining a successful partnership.

The components range from forging an agreement that outlines specific goals and expectations for the partnership to promoting the continuity of the partnership by enlisting long-term commitments from senior executives and school administrators.

The digital publication also includes practical guidance for school and business leaders to follow when establishing and maintaining a partnership.

“This guide is meant to demystify the process for establishing a partnership, while also making sure it will last in the long run and benefit everyone involved,” said Millard.

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The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) is a regional organization of business and civic leaders that includes businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational and civic institutions. It is the leading voice for the private sector in the Baltimore region on issues relating to economic growth, job creation, workforce development, transportation, the business climate and quality of life. The GBC’s membership is comprised of over 500 member organizations, including large, mid-size and small companies, nonprofits, education and foundations in the Greater Baltimore region.