Greater Baltimore Committee Issues Legislative Priorities for 2021 Maryland General Assembly Session

January 13, 2020

The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) has issued its 2021 Legislative Priorities for the Maryland General Assembly session and expects to be actively involved during the session in a number of key statewide issues, including racial equity and justice and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Covid-19 pandemic will make this a challenging and unique year for the General Assembly, but there are many pressing issues that cannot wait and must be addressed to ensure businesses and the state’s economy are well positioned to thrive as the pandemic subsides,” said Donald C. Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee.

“The GBC will continue to be a leading voice for the private sector in the General Assembly,” said Fry.

For the 2021 legislative session, the GBC has identified five high-level areas that it will focus on as priorities. They are:

  • Advocating for policy funding and regulatory solutions to accelerate economic recovery from the pandemic with an emphasis on support for small and minority businesses.
  • Advocating for policies and programs that strengthen economic competitiveness and job creation.
  • Advocating for improved public safety through enhanced coordination among criminal justice agencies, implementation of comprehensive violence reduction strategies, and coordinated re-entry services.
  • Advocating for legislators to strengthen education and workforce systems to prioritize equity, accountability, and alignment with Maryland’s high-growth industry sectors.
  • Advocating for balanced transportation and mobility policy and funding priorities that create interconnected, multimodal transportation networks and promote equitable investment in systems across regions, modes, and communities

All policy positions taken by the GBC will be considered through a racial equity lens.

Some of the specific issues the GBC anticipates being involved in during the session as part of its legislative priorities work include:

  • COVID-19 liability protection for employers who adhere to federal, state, and local guidelines regarding reopening of businesses provided they are not grossly negligent in the conduct of business operations.
  • Policies that ensure that the cost of doing business in Maryland is competitive with other states, including regulatory policies that are streamlined, stable, and predictable.
  • Strengthening laws and coordination of criminal justice agencies to prioritize focus on repeat violent offenders.
  • Ensuring that school funding is adequate and targeted to prepare all students to achieve academic proficiency standards and succeed in post-secondary education and the workforce.
  • Advocating for additional state transportation funding for the Greater Baltimore region and opposing efforts to disproportionately direct State dollars to other regions in the State. Work to ensure that all capital and operating funding decisions are data-driven and examined through an equity lens.


The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) is a regional organization of business and civic leaders that includes businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational and civic institutions. It is the leading voice for the private sector in the Baltimore region on issues relating to economic growth, job creation, workforce development, transportation, the business climate and quality of life. The GBC’s membership is comprised of over 500 member organizations, including large, mid-size and small companies, nonprofits, education and foundations in the Greater Baltimore region.