Greater Baltimore Committee launches COVID-19 Business Recovery Advisory Council to help Baltimore Region’s Economic Recovery

COVID-19 Advisory Council

June 15, 2020

The Greater Baltimore Committee has launched the COVID-19 Business Recovery Advisory Council to help ensure the economy of the Baltimore region successfully recovers from the pandemic.

Mary Ann Scully, Chair and CEO of Howard Bank and Vice Chair of the GBC Board of Directors, will oversee the work of the council, which includes leading executives from the private sector in the Baltimore region.

“The council will be a major undertaking of the Greater Baltimore Committee with a strong focus not on business re-opening but action that needs to be taken for a strong business and economic recovery,” said Donald C. Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC).

“In this time of unprecedented challenge, it is critical that business leaders come together to identify and advance efforts to ensure a swift economic recovery in the Greater Baltimore region and Maryland,” said Fry.

The council will prioritize identifying and recommending programs, policies and initiatives that can assist small and minority business recovery, Fry said.

The council plans to issue a set of recommendations on programs and policy changes that can assist the region to best recover from the pandemic’s impact on the economy.

The work of the Council will include:

  • Performing Sector Analyses: Assess the impact of COVID-19 on the regional economy and its growth trajectory to propose recovery strategies by sector, including disproportionately impacted sectors and anticipated growth sectors.
  • Identifying State and Federal Assistance Gaps: Identify segments of the regional economy that do not qualify for, or are not provided, assistance through federal or state programs. Determine how the GBC or its partners can develop programming or access to resources to support such businesses.
  • Developing Targeted GBC Programming: Identify programmatic support and resources that the GBC can offer or coordinate to get Baltimore’s economy on a recovery track and the private sector up and running.
  • Engaging in Continuous Legislative Advocacy: Analyze COVID-19 legislative initiatives and programs that have been adopted at federal, state and local levels and provide legislators with advice on needed changes in subsequent legislation.
  • Developing Supportive Partnerships: Identify how the GBC and the business community can partner with state and local governments to assist in the development or implementation of economic recovery plans for the state, region and Baltimore City.
  • Informing and Supporting Adaptation and Planning Efforts: Identify lessons learned from the pandemic and advise on modifications needed for business and government planning and operations to prepare for future challenges.


The Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) is a regional organization of business and civic leaders that includes businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational and civic institutions. It is the leading voice for the private sector in the Baltimore region on issues relating to economic growth, job creation, workforce development, transportation, the business climate and quality of life. The GBC’s membership is comprised of over 500 member organizations, including large, mid-size and small companies, nonprofits, education and foundations in the Greater Baltimore region.

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