HB1515 Key Legislators

Transportation mobility is critically important to business. Deteriorating roads cost motorists money, congestion results in lost productivity and wasted fuel, and the impact on quality of life of our workers is significant.

The Governor’s Transportation Bill (HB1515/SB1054) represents a much-needed step forward in funding for new highway and transit projects. It is the first proposal in decades that would raise the level of new revenue ($800 million per year) needed to begin to address the state’s more than $50 billion shortfall in funding from roads, bridges and transit.

The bill is not perfect, but it represents a workable, constructive consensus among legislative leaders, and we ask you, the business leaders, to show your support for this bill and its assets for this state. Tell your legislators that you support this bill and that it is good for business and the quality of life for our citizens.

The following are key legislators in regards to the passage of HB1515:

If you wish to reach any of these representatives by phone, dial (410) 841- followed by the four-digit extension next to their name.