Problem Identification:
A problem arises when checks are accepted and later returned due to insufficient funds in the account, or when clients arrive for services without funds available to pay for them.

Recommended Action:
Begin accepting credit and debit cards for the payment of license and permit fees.

Cost Savings, Revenue Enhancement, Service Improvement

Functional/Operational Area:
Fiscal Services

Estimated Annual Impact:
While the immediate financial impact cannot be estimated, increased fee collections, fewer bounced checks, and the tighter internal controls and automated record keeping that would accompany the use of a credit/debit card system should offset the costs of implementing and operating the system.

Estimated Implementation Costs:
Not Determined

Barriers to Implementation:

Projected Implementation:
180 days

Next Step:
The Department should work with the Finance Department to develop an implementation plan and develop estimates for system implementation and projected revenue enhancements.

Presently, the Health Department accepts cash or checks for the payment for licenses, permits and animal control fees. Use of a debit or credit card would facilitate the completion of the transactions while making it more convenient for the client. It would, as a consequence, lead to an increase in the amount of fees collected.

It is believed that the increase in fees collected through the use of the credit/debit card payment process would exceed the costs of operating the system. In addition, a debit/credit card system would reduce the loss of revenues caused by bounced checks and pilferage associated with a cash-only system. The collection operations would be rendered more secure because of less cash collections that are required to be secured on-site and deposited in the bank. The credit/debit card monthly statement would provide an additional accounting check and balance.