Help confirm citizens’ well-being, volunteers needed


Please see urgent request below for all hands on deck. We are in need of volunteers to assist in their jurisdictions or if possible other jurisdiction. Please contact Tom Levering ASAP or or call 410-517-3653.

In response to the recent storms, we are requesting volunteer organizations across the state to help in local jurisdictions to walk door to door confirming the well-being of our citizens, or staffing cooling centers, and other needs as determined by local emergency managers during the heat emergency. As you confirm the volunteers willing to help, please have them send the below information to us.
• name of organization
• 24-hour contact information
• No. of people available
• No. of hours the volunteers are available and how long they are available (hours per day, and days thru Monday)
• their home jurisdiction
• if they have transportation to the assigned jurisdiction or staging area

A secondary contact would be Robert Ward at 410-517-3606.

Jock Menzies
President, American Logistics Aid Network,
Chairman, The Terminal Corporation, Baltimore, MD USA,

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