Statement of Donald C. Fry, President and CEO, Greater Baltimore Committee, Regarding Gov. Hogan’s March 23 order closing all non-essential businesses

March 23, 2020

“The Governor’s decision to close non-essential businesses effective today at 5 p.m. is an unfortunate but necessary move to help stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Many employers and employees are suffering in these uncertain times, and the Governor is mindful and well aware of the hardship and sacrifices being made to address this health care crisis.

Hopefully, by imposing these steps along with the public’s strict adherence to the current restrictions on activities and by closely following the advice of health care providers, the closures will be as short-lived as possible and businesses will be able to reopen and return to regular operations.

It is important that we remain positive and remember that all of us are in this together and that the steps taken today will have a significant impact on how quickly we can overcome this pandemic.”

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