Problem Identification:
City policymakers and managers are often forced to make critical resource allocation decisions in the absence of meaningful performance and service data. This incomplete information limits the City’s and Department’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage limited budgetary resources.

Recommended Action:
Set and clearly articulate service goals for IT and develop a set of regularly reported service measures to track the City’s performance in meeting its goals.

Cost Savings, Organizational, Revenue Enhancement, Service Improvement

Functional/Operational Area:
All IT operations

Estimated Annual Impact:
While the immediate financial impact cannot be estimated, the regular collection and review of performance and service data can produce numerous opportunities for improving IT operations by equipping managers with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of resources.

Estimated Implementation Costs:
Can be accomplished with the existing resources.

Barriers to Implementation:
The collection and analysis of performance and service data must become an increased priority. Future information technology efforts must be specifically geared towards improving tracking and reporting capabilities.

Projected Implementation:
45 days

Next Steps:
Utilizing the list of proposed indicators (linked below), in conjunction with representatives from the Mayor’s Office and other central administration offices, evaluate the adequacy of current data tracking and analysis efforts, identify those key indicators that best measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the City’s IT operations, and begin to regularly report (at least on a monthly basis) on performance.

By focusing attention on what IT services are provided and how well they are provided, a comprehensive performance measurement program can provide City managers and the public the information necessary to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the City’s IT services. The information yielded through these efforts can be used to justify requests for increased funding as well as to ensure the City’s ability to sustain or increase services with the same or decreasing amounts of resources. Equally important, the program can increase the City’s accountability by providing the public with enhanced information about services.
List of Proposed Indicators