Problem Identification:
GIS is an application that can and should be used by many City departments. It is currently managed by the GIS committee that has funding for development from involved city departments, such as the DPW and the Fire Department. Resources for working on the project are distributed throughout these departments with no central development team that enjoys responsibility and management control over the project.

Recommended Action:
Establish GIS as a Citywide application managed by the IT department.

Organizational, Service Improvement

Functional/Operational Area:

Estimated Annual Impact:
Cannot be Estimated

Estimated Implementation Costs:
Not Determined

Barriers to Implementation:
Individual department ownership of existing system and data.

Projected Implementation:
60 – 90 days

Next Steps:
Formalize a GIS team dedicated to the ongoing development of this system. The GIS team would be responsible for development of an accurate, complete base map to be used as the basic data layer for department specific map overlays. Departments using the system would create overlays specific to their needs. For example, Public Works would develop overlays for city conduits and utility rights-of-way. The GIS team should maintain a directory of overlays to document the information contained in the system. The GIS team should be organized under the central IT department in order to most effectively serve multiple user departments.

The City government’s GIS efforts have been rooted in the Bureau of Water and Waste Water. In order for GIS to realize its potential for projects such as CityStat, its governance and development should be outside of any specific user department and should be handled as a core technology function under the City’s central IT department.

The GIS team should maintain the GIS hardware and software environments and serve as the custodian of the City’s base map. In this role, it should be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of base map data as a platform upon which departments can overlay their department-specific information and statistics.

The potential for GIS applications within the City is enormous. To take advantage of this potential, development of the GIS database and system capabilities must be the primary responsibility and top priority of a GIS development team.