Problem Identification:
Competition for qualified technical people is fierce in today’s market. It is difficult for the City to compete against private industry in attracting and retaining talented IT staff to move its technical vision forward. Additionally, IT job descriptions are out of date. Many reflect the skills required in a mainframe environment and there are no job descriptions for the new job functions required by current technology. Finally, salaries are not competitive. Senior level IT analyst salaries within the City are comparable to entry level salaries in other industries.

Recommended Action:
Develop job descriptions and appropriate pay rates for current IT positions.


Functional/Operational Area:

Estimated Annual Impact:
Cannot be Estimated

Estimated Implementation Costs:
It is anticipated that some salary upgrades would result from this evaluation.

Barriers to Implementation:
An overburdened Citywide personnel system and a general unfamiliarity with the constantly changing IT field.

Next Steps:
Form a City IT staffing committee to develop a standard set of job descriptions that encompass the skills necessary in today’s technical environment.

The City’s IT job descriptions and job classifications reflect the information technology environment of ten to fifteen years ago. Many of the new skills and responsibilities that have evolved with technology evolution are not accounted for in the job/salary structure currently in place.

Part of attracting qualified IT people is providing job structures and salary levels that are appropriate to current technology skill requirements and to compensate employees appropriately for their expertise.

This recommendation is not intended as a wholesale upgrade of current IT salaries. These new job descriptions and salaries should be in addition to those that currently exist and only qualified employees should be promoted into the new classifications and scale levels. Proficiency testing in the appropriate technology skills should be a part of the promotion process and any new IT hires should be tested to ensure that they adequately meet the requirements of their positions.

The IT staffing committee should have representation from the central IT department and all departments with significant IT functions, the City’s Personnel Department, and representatives from the private sector. Consideration should be given to conducting a salary study comparing existing job descriptions and salary structures to the private sector. Ultimately, recommendations (in addition to those included herein) should be developed to improve the recruitment and retention of talented IT professionals for these positions.