IT infrastructure and core technologies

Infrastructure and Core Technologies

While certain applications and key technologies are utilized across the City, their implementation has not been done cohesively. A high priority must be assigned to developing the City’s core networks and the basic applications that are, or should be, shared by all City departments. This includes the City’s Metropolitan Area Network as well as applications such as electronic mail, Internet access, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is essential that this infrastructure exist for communication and data sharing to provide the on-line services expected by the citizenry. Without centralized leadership and a significant investment in core technologies the City’s technology vision cannot be realized.

An opportunity exists for offsetting some of the costs that must be expended on core technology infrastructure through partnering with network and/or telecommunications vendors to allow access to the City’s extensive conduit network. These conduits and rights-of-way are valuable assets that could provide the revenue or in-kind services necessary to build Baltimore’s network backbone.

In addition to Baltimore’s wide area networks, two of the study departments, Fire and Parks and Recreation, have virtually no networking to connect their departmental locations. The opportunities for implementing efficiencies and improving processes are severely limited by this lack of infrastructure.

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