Insight Management Consulting to host “Does your business or organization do any ‘Fake Work’?”

While Insight Management Consulting’s seminars may be new to the Baltimore region, the company’s national work sessions have already helped hundreds of corporate and government clients across the United States align their workforces in order to effectively execute on a company’s organizational strategy.

The consulting firm and its principal partners, Paul McMurray and Scott Rosenke, have 25 years of experience, but their current endeavors — FAKE “WORK” and Crucial Conversations — are just being introduced to the region. On March 29, Insight Management Consulting will hold its first free FAKE “WORK” workshop in the Baltimore area, being held from 8:30-11:30 a.m. at the Marriott Burkshire in Towson, Md.

These nationally-recognized seminars have helped some of the nation’s largest companies align strategies with their goals. Some of these past FAKE “WORK” clients include Agilent Technologies, Avon, Baxter Medical, Delta Airlines, Exxon Mobile, MTV, ESPN, Pfizer, Toyota, and United Technologies.

Insight Management Consulting is the field partner for Brent D. Peterson’s and Gaylan W. Nielsen’s book FAKE “WORK” and will give Baltimore’s mid- to large-size corporations a way to ensure all employees are contributing to the company’s organizational strategies and driving results. The workshops present substantial research showing that while employees may seem to be working hard, 60% of their work is not beneficial to the overall objective of the company. This statistic leads to suffering productivity, a less efficient workplace, and disconnected employees.

Research has found 73 percent of workers say their organization’s strategies and goals are not translated into the specific work tasks they execute and 81 percent do not feel committed to their a loss of morale amongst employees with 87 percent of workers reporting dissatisfaction with their own work.

The goal of Insight Management Consulting’s workshops is to build paths to Real Work within companies. The successful workshops accomplish that goal by teaching these objectives:

• Understanding the importance of the Strategy-Alignment-Execution model.
• Understanding the causes of Fake Work.
• Clarifying the company’s strategy and the role of strategy in driving Real Work.
• Discovering Fake Work within the company and find ways to eliminate it.
• Using strategic communication to create Real Work.
• Using the company’s work team effectively to drive Real Work.
• Selecting critical, Real Work tasks that are tied to the company’s strategy.
• Establishing plans for completing Real Work tasks.
• Making certain that the company’s hard work gets results that will help it succeed.

To register, contact Lee McCormick at (443) 845-0815.

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