Invigorated Leadership

The Department of Recreation and Parks must be infused with progressive, forward-thinking executive leadership capable of reorganizing and reengineering the staff to meet the daunting challenge of providing world-class recreation and parks services to the citizens of Baltimore. The decimation of the Department’s budget and the corresponding deterioration in the quantity and quality of recreation and parks services is well known and documented. While the Mayor’s proposal to increase the Department’s budget’for the first time in recent memory’by $500,000 in FY2001 is welcome and warranted, it is doubtful that the City will ever be in a financial position to make more than incremental increases to future budgets of the Department. This reality is regrettable, but it is nonetheless the reality that will confront the management of this Department. It is time for the installation of a leadership team that is less interested in documenting and discussing past injustices and more interested in embracing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches that address the formidable, but manageable, challenges that exist.

Introduction: Department of Recreation and Parks
Invigorated Leadership
Effective and Efficient Service Delivery Mechanisms and Models
Enhanced Revenue Generating Capabilities
Responsive Service Metrics and Resource Allocations
Expanded Volunteerism