June 30 GBC seminar to focus on transit-oriented development

The Baltimore region’s untapped potential for transit-oriented development (TOD) will be the topic of a GBC-sponsored public policy seminar on June 30. Panelists will explore opportunities provided by existing and planned rapid transit stations as well as the regulatory and market environment that attracts or deters potential investors.

The presence of high quality transit adjacent to a development project can increase its value, reduce the need for on-site parking, and support a diverse mix of residential and commercial uses.

The Baltimore region’s next major rapid transit line, the Red Line, is proposed for a 10-mile corridor from Woodlawn to Canton. In addition to mobility and congestion relief for communities along the line, each station is a potential hub for future development. Effectively planning for and later realizing TOD will be critical to building community support for the Red Line and attracting significant state and federal funding. Supporting this positive outcome are Maryland Transit Administration, Baltimore City and Baltimore County agencies, and non-profit organizations with expertise in community development. The region also has significant untapped opportunities for TOD around existing Metro Subway and Light Rail stations, and several large projects are currently under construction or planned.

At the seminar, panelists will discuss these trends and participants will have a chance to hear details about exciting new projects that are changing the landscape of the region and bringing new jobs and residents to a diverse set of communities.