Leaders of GBTC, Hershey, Planit, Urbanite and G.1440 to serve as “The Donalds” of TU’s The Associate

The Towson University College of Business and Economics, home to The Associate competition, an adaptation of NBC’s The Apprentice, has named five local business leaders as this year’s “Donald Trump.” Among those participating are: Steve Kozak, executive director at GBTC; Eric Lent, vice president of Global Traditional Trade of Hershey International at The Hershey Company; Ed Callahan, creative director and co-founder of Planit Agency; Tracy Durkin, owner of Urbanite magazine; and Larry Fiorino, CEO and founder of G.1440.

The winner of TU’s adaptation of NBC’s The Apprentice will be named ‘The Associate’ and gain the opportunity to receive one semester or two courses valued at $4,000 in the UB/TU MBA program. This prize is valid within two years after the competition.

This is the first time that five “Donalds” and the prize to receive academic assistance have been included in the five-year history of the competition.

Throughout The Associate competition, the participating local “Donald Trump” companies present cases to the student candidates, whose two teams compete. Each week one candidate from the losing project team is eliminated as the different “Donalds” and two representatives of the UB/Towson MBA program evaluate candidates.

TU’s College of Business and Economics will kick off the fifth round of The Associate on March 4 at 5 p.m. in Stephens Hall, Room 310.

For more information about The Associate, contact Laleh Malek, director of professional experience, at (410) 704-4674.

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