IT leadership and governance

Leadership and Governance

Strong, empowered leadership is a prerequisite to building an IT environment where information can be accessed across departments and by external customers to improve services and reduce operating costs in city departments. The IT project team recommends the elevation of the City’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) to a cabinet level position and the establishment of a citywide Information Technology Department to lead technology initiatives throughout the city government, supported by an expanded ITB and CITLeads program. The City’s CIO must have the authority and support to set overall IT direction and policy for the municipal government and to implement and enforce standards to be followed by all City departments.

The CIO must also have responsibility for all facets of city information technology, including voice communications. Increasingly, voice and data networks are melding into a single technology as telephone services are utilizing the same network technologies currently used for data. For this reason, we recommend shifting responsibility for the Municipal Telephone Exchange to a newly established Information Technology Department that reports directly to the CIO.

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IT leadership and governance
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