Love Local Maryland small business support initiative goes live

The LoveLocal Maryland initiative is designed to level the playing field between small and big businesses. It provides Maryland small business the easiest to use, most powerful, lowest cost web tools available. On Aug. 2, its Web site went live and is now available for use by businesses throughout Maryland.

In today’s competitive economy, all businesses require web-based tools and technologies to market, sell and grow. In fact, with the right tools, a small business can often outperform a big business because a small business generally knows its customers and community better, and can move faster.

For consumers, LoveLocal provides an easy way to find products and services as well as to get information about specials and coupons from local businesses. LoveLocal also gives consumers the tools they need to share that information with their friends or post it to their preferred social networking sites.

LoveLocal Maryland reflects a commitment to providing Maryland small businesses with the support and state-of-the-art on-line tools necessary to grow and prosper in today’s economy

The initiative is supported by nine of the largest business and trade associations in Maryland representing over 20,000 small businesses and WBAL-TV. The associations recognize that the vitality of Maryland’s local economies is driven by the competitive success of Maryland small business.

Founders and Supporters
Maryland Chamber of Commerce
Maryland Retailers Association
Greater Baltimore Committee
Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Maryland Hotel and Lodging Association
Maryland Tourism Council
Maryland Restaurant Association
Maryland Association of CPAs
Maryland Bankers Association

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