Maryland Reporter: Local officials urge lawmakers to balance transportation spending statewide

By Bryan Renbaum
February 12, 2020

Maryland’s county leaders and city officials convened in Annapolis on February 12 to urge members of the General Assembly to provide more money to balance transportation spending across the state.

The officials spoke in favor of HB368 and its Senate companion, SB 424. The House held a hearing on the bill February 4. The Senate held a hearing on the bill Tuesday at 1 p.m. EST.

The legislation would, according to its text, require “the Governor to include certain appropriations in the State budget from the Transportation Trust Fund to the Maryland Transit Administration for the operating and capital needs of the Administration in certain fiscal years; requiring that certain capital appropriations to the Administration be in addition to any funds appropriated for the capital planning, engineering, right-of-way acquisition, or construction of the Purple Line; etc.”

The press conference was sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Committee, a business advocacy organization.

GBC President and CEO Donald Fry said the legislation requests $500 million for the MTA in the next five consolidated transportation plans. Fry said about $370 million is currently allocated.

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Source: Maryland Reporter

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