McCormick & Co. Inc. sees return on workplace wellness investment

Spice and seasoning maker McCormick & Co. Inc. recently implemented a health coaching program through Cigna. The company is trying to expand use of health coaches by its 3,500 United States employees, because it’s seen results from having a pharmacist work directly with a small group of diabetics, said Joan Hovatter, manager of the Baltimore-based company’s health and wellness programs according to

McCormick has seen its annual medical cost drop by about $1,500 for each of more than 100 diabetic employees who have worked closely with a pharmacist to improve their wellness and better control blood glucose levels, Hovatter said.

“Yes, we are seeing a return on investment,” she said. “If it’s working for 112 people and we can promote it (to more employees), then the better it’s going to be for us.”

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