MDOT to counties: ‘Rethink projects’

Maryland Department of Transportation officials have begun their annual tour of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions to review projects for each that are included in the state’s FY 2012-2017 Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP).

Noting that the combined cost of the single top priorities for each Maryland jurisdiction would total more than $12 billion, MDOT Secretary Beverley Swaim-Staley has said a central message to leaders in local jurisdictions will be: “Re-think how we are setting our transportation priorities.”  

The entire transportation priority list for Maryland’s counties totals more than $60 billion, she notes. Given the state’s stagnant revenue stream for transportation infrastructure funding, “thinking that we’re going to tackle somewhere between $15 and $60 billion of needs in the next 10 years is not realistic,” she told participants at the GBC’s September 19 Transportation Summit.

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