Measuring to Manage

Measuring to Manage
The collection and analysis of performance and service data must become an increased priority for DPW. By focusing attention on the services that DPW provides and how well those services are provided through the regular collection and review of performance and service data, innumerable opportunities for improving City operations can be realized. Equipping managers with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of resources is a critical step in this process. Additionally, enhanced efforts in this area will provide policymakers, managers, and the public with the information necessary to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of DPW’s services. The report contains a number of specific recommendations, including proposed performance indicators and service measures for each of DPW’s bureaus, that will enable the achievement of operational efficiencies and economies of scale as well as improvements in areas such as asset management, revenue collection, and workforce productivity.

The members of the Greater Baltimore Committee and Presidents’ Roundtable Department of Public Works project team would like to acknowledge the tremendous level of cooperation received from DPW personnel during the conducting of this effort.

Introduction: Department of Public Works
Focusing on Core Public Works Functions by Creating New and More Effective Management Structures
Aligning Complementary Functions
Improving Asset Management
Utilizing Managed Competition to Reduce Costs
Measuring to Manage