Merritt Properties receives 2008 National Commercial Real Estate Customer Serivce Award for Excellence

As the economy continues on an uncertain path and businesses struggle to turn profits, Baltimore-based Merritt Properties remains a steadfast company with a lasting reputation for providing the highest-quality service to its customers. The full-service commercial real estate firm has been named among the top in the nation for customer service satisfaction according to the 2008 National Commercial Real Estate Customer Service Awards for Excellence by nationally recognized real estate consulting firm CEL & Associates, Inc.  

These awards, considered the “A List” honor among commercial real estate insiders, are based on tenant ratings and must achieve at least a 50 percent response rate and a score of 85 or higher. Awarded to commercial properties that demonstrate the highest quality and level of service, Merritt is pleased to have received this honor for 15 of its area properties.

In addition to these individual property awards, Merritt’s Quality of Maintenance Service ranked higher than CEL’s national Best Practices rating, placing the company among the best in the industry nationwide. Across the company’s flex, office and industrial portfolio, Merritt’s customers ranked their overall satisfaction with Merritt’s properties and service as “Outstanding.” 

“At Merritt, we have always been more about people than buildings, striving to always provide the highest quality building and maintenance experience possible for our customers,” said Scott Dorsey, president of Merritt Properties. “We invest a lot of time and resources to ensuring that our customers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently.”

Unlike most developers, Merritt does not use a third-party management firm to handle customer service needs. Merritt has a long-standing commitment to providing exceptional customer service in-house and on-site. With 45 field personnel, computerized tracking of customer requests, specialized teams for HVAC and roofing maintenance and GPS systems installed in all service vehicles, Merritt’s customer service team has achieved an average response time of only 1.5 hours, well below the 24-hour response time often promised by competitors. The average tenure for Merritt’s customer service representatives is more than 11 years, and all are owners in the company, giving them a personal investment in providing the highest quality customer service and building long-lasting relationships.    

“We are very honored to receive this recognition, as we take pride in making customer satisfaction our number one priority,” said Robb Merritt, vice president of Merritt Properties. “We strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations, offering personal, flexible service that meets any need and challenge as quickly as possible.  We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our customers, and we are very pleased to know we are held in high regard.” 

About Merritt Properties
As an established market leader with more than 40 years of experience and success, Merritt Properties has an unmatched reputation for their commitment to their customers and the communities they serve. With nearly 15 million square feet in more than 70 locations, Merritt owns and manages the largest privately-held commercial real estate portfolio in the Baltimore/Washington area. Merritt is dedicated to transforming business transactions into long-term relationships by taking an innovative, personal and authentic approach in all of their business dealings. Their properties are strategically located near major transportation and service arteries to accommodate diverse customer needs.

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