Mindgrub Technologies to debut food truck this fall

Baltimore-based digital innovation agency, Mindgrub Technologies, was founded on the principle of a hunger for knowledge and liberation of ideas. As the tech company continues to grow, so does the drive to showcase brand principles through new avenues – one being, the business of brain food. Mindgrub supports scientific evidence that proper nourishment leads to better productivity and a well functioning brain. Therefore, the tech company will be debuting its first food truck this fall, named “Mindgrub Cafe.”

Founded by husband and wife team – Todd Marks, CEO of Mindgrub Technologies and Nikki McGowan, Owner of Madame BBQ and Madame Cours de Cuisine – Mindgrub Cafe will service the Baltimore Metro business community by way of corporate lunches, drop catering and food truck festivals. Diverging from a common food truck model to deliver heavy and sometimes less than healthy menu items, Mindgrub Cafe’s menu will be brain food for knowledge workers.

“We are focusing on foods that will energize you so that you don’t go to your desk after lunch and take a nap,” said Mindgrub Cafe Chef and Co-Founder, Nikki McGowan. “We’ll be featuring salmon, roasted turkey, black beans and grilled chicken as pressed sandwiches or bowls filled with ingredients like avocado and pineapple. They’ll be topped with amazing sauces to include kale hemp pesto, blueberry sauce and mole. We will be using farro, quinoa and chickpeas to make some healthy sides. Our coffee roasted veggie side will be sure to wake you up!”

Mindgrub Technologies food truckIn conjunction, with the debut of the Mindgrub Cafe Food Truck, McGowan has been working to manage the construction of a commissary kitchen on the ground floor of McHenry Row II in the same building as Mindgrub Technologies at 1215 E. Fort Avenue in Baltimore. The kitchen will be a shared space for building occupants and food truck partners to prep, cook and host events. The kitchen will be opening adjacent to the long-awaited Diamondback Brewery and Taphouse, also opening in Fall of 2016.

For more information on Mindgrub Technologies and/or the Mindgrub Cafe Food Truck coming this Fall, you can contact them here.

About Mindgrub

Mindgrub is an award-winning innovation agency that creates custom mobile, social, web apps and digital marketing campaigns for enterprise brands, industry leaders and educational organizations. As an innovator, Mindgrub leverages emerging technologies, such as augmented reality, wearable tech, and mobile gaming, to solve tough client challenges. As a fully-staffed agency, Mindgrub cultivates top-tier talent in design, user experience, and development. Voted Chesapeake Regional Tech Council’s “Tech Company of the Year” and placing #520 on the Inc 500/5000, Mindgrub works with companies and organizations in a variety of industries to bring their brand to digital. Headquartered in Baltimore, Mindgrub has offices in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Connect with Mindgrub online at mindgrub.com.

Source: Mindgrub Technologies

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