Molly Baldwin, Roca, receives 25th Heinz Award for the Human Condition

Molly Baldwin, founder and CEO of Roca, has been awarded the 25th Heinz Award for the Human Condition.

Baldwin is recognized for Roca’s proven work in changing the lives of young people considered to be the hardest to reach, including those who have suffered as a result of poverty, gang involvement and violent crime and who cannot be connected with through school, work or traditional programs. Roca is a highly effective intervention program that provides relentless outreach to young people impacted by traumatic experiences at the center of urban violence.

The Heinz Award was established by Teresa Heinz to honor the memory of her late husband, U.S. Senator John Heinz. The Heinz Awards celebrates his accomplishments by recognizing contributions of individuals in the areas of greatest importance to him.

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Source: Heinz Awards