National Aquarium Animal Rescue admits two new loggerhead sea turtle patients

The loggerheads—nicknamed Iron and Gallium in line with this rescue season’s periodic elements naming theme for sea turtles—were rescued from the shores of Cape Cod in December. Both were in the care of the New England Aquarium before arriving at the National Aquarium in December 2018.

Like the other 32 sea turtles currently in our care, Iron and Gallium are being treated for symptoms associated with cold-stunning.

The team is pleased to report that our newest patients are already making progress after few weeks of rehabilitation at the Aquarium. Iron and Gallium are stable, active and eating regularly.

Photo credit: National Aquarium

Additionally, the 30 Kemp’s ridley and two green sea turtles undergoing rehabilitation with the Aquarium since November are steadily improving and gaining strength. All patients are now on oral antibiotics—an improvement from IV antibiotics—and are eating consistently.

There are some patients displaying health concerns that our team is working diligently to diagnose and treat. A Kemp’s ridley nicknamed Phosphorous recently underwent a CT scan, which our team is hoping will help them better understand the reasons behind some of this turtle’s symptoms, including abnormal buoyancy. Another Kemp’s ridley, nicknamed Aluminum, began presenting external wounds on its front flippers that our team is working to treat.

Source: National Aquarium

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