Next Up and Civic Leadership

Next Up meeting

On September 9, the 2020 GBC Next Up Cohort came together for a session on Civic Leadership: Business & Government Collaboration. The event featured Delegate Nick Mosby, Democratic nominee for Baltimore City Council President; Aaron Tomarchio, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tradepoint Atlantic; and Jayson Williams, President  & CEO, MD Strategic Consulting.

The speakers, as well as GBC President & CEO Don Fry, bring considerable experience at multiple levels in both the government and business arenas, and know first-hand the importance of the business and government sectors working together to find solutions to the problems that affect our economy and quality of life.

The conversation covered topics such as Public-Private Partnerships, the Pimlico redevelopment, barriers to transportation for regional workforce, and the importance of honest communication and meaningful relationships. This discussion was particularly relevant in light of the upcoming change in leadership for the City of Baltimore.  The GBC has been a longtime trusted partner to government as the voice and problem-solving convener of the business community.