Organization Chart

Recommended Organization Structure for Integrating Baltimore HCD and HABC


Notes on Organizational Chart

The divisions and departments on the attached organizational structure combine the functions in the current HCD and HABC organizations. The success of this organizational structure is dependent on effective implementation of the other Greater Baltimore Committee and Presidents’ Roundtable recommendations regarding management, communications, and the alignment of operations and processes with the mission and strategy of the agency. The commissioner may want to designate a Chief Operating Officer or Chief of Staff for a period of a year or so to help keep operations effective during the transition to a strong senior management team.General Counsel/Legal Services: While this function centralizes legal support, this department will need to work across divisions and functions, especially with contacts in Finance and Enforcement in Code Enforcement.Development Team: This division is organized along type of housing and service lines with the exception of HOPE VI. HOPE VI is a funding source with such a large and diverse program and sufficient HUD attention and involvement that a separate division is required. Further refinement of the sub-structure of the development division may be necessary.

Public Housing Team: Modernization is included within Construction and Engineering.

Code Enforcement Team: This team consolidates inspections and permits for both HCD and HABC.