Patch: TU, Greater Baltimore Committee to study economic impact of COVID-19


By Cody Boteler
March 31, 2021

The ramifications from the novel coronavirus pandemic will likely be widespread and long felt. Towson University and the Greater Baltimore Committee (GBC) want to better understand some of those effects.

Jan Baum and Gabby Swab—a professor and an assistant professor, respectively, in the Department of Management—are working with the GBC’s Baltimore Women’s Advisory Board to analyze how the pandemic has affected women in the regional workforce.

Swab says it has blurred the lines between work and family, because caregivers are spending more time at home. This has created struggles with work–life balance, according to Swab.

TU’s role in the study comes in the form of administering an online survey and analyzing the results. The survey went live in late March and is expected to stay online until April 16.

Take the 20-minute survey to help TU researchers understand the economic impacts of COVID-19. Your data will be protected, and you can enter for a chance to receive a gift card for participating. Take the survey here.

Source: Towson University

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