PCs for People seeks retired computer and equipment donations

Retired computer monitors

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the challenge of the digital divide in Baltimore City leaving tens of thousands of students without adequate computers or access for online schooling.

PCs for People, a new nonprofit organization, funded by the Abell Foundation, is seeking donations of “retired” computers and computer equipment from the business community. This effort is in partnership with the Baltimore City Public Schools to help support their work to secure more devices to bridge the digital divide.

A certified electronics recycler, PCs for People works with businesses to safely and responsibly dispose of their excess technology by recycling, or repurposing, electronic assets and returning them to use in the local community.

Some of the benefits of joining this effort and becoming a partner with PCs for People include:

  • Free electronics pick-up and recycling
  • Certified secure data destruction and sanitization (NAID)
  • All your electronic equipment and e-waste will be accepted
  • Environmentally responsible recycling with a zero-waste policy (R2)
  • Business receives a tax deduction for the charitable donation
  • Business will be publicly recognized for its donation/contribution
  • Providing a huge community benefit in partnering with PCs for People as any refurbished computers are distributed to low-income students and families who do not have a computer in their home.

PCs for People and the Greater Baltimore Committee are part of the Digital Equity Coalition, an initiative involving more than 60 organizations working to close the digital divide in Baltimore.

For more information or to donate computer equipment contact Kelly Hodge-Williams at khodgew@pcsforpeople.org or 410-207-7455.

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