Regional Transportation

Interstate-enter-downtownTransportation funding and mobility are critical economic growth challenges for our region. The GBC is a leading advocate for increased transportation funds to provide an efficient and integrated transportation system of roads, airport, ports and transit. The GBC has been instrumental in gaining funding to begin the planning and construction of the Red Line, an east-west rapid transit system from Woodlawn to Inner Harbor East, and expansion of the existing Metro Green Line north from Johns Hopkins medical institutions.

Transportation is not only a regional issue, but is also a serious problem nationwide. The United States lags on infrastructure. Here’s how:

  • U.S. infrastructure now ranks No.15 in the world, down from No.1 in 2005, according to the World Economic Forum.
  • None of the world’s top 10 ports are in the U.S. Six are in China.
  • The U.S. has the world’s worst air traffic congestion.
  • Essentially none of the world’s 15,000 miles of true high-speed rail is in operation in the U.S.

Source: Building America’s Future Educational Fund

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For more information, contact Robert Hellauer, Director of Regional Transportation and Federal Government Affairs.