Solid Waste
Number of Individual Residential Accounts
Tons of Trash Collected
Number of Collection Crews
Average Number of Individual Residential Accounts per Crew Route
Percentage of Trash Collected On-Time
Tons of Recycling Materials Collected
– Leaves and Other Recycled Yard Waste (in tons recycled)
– Christmas Trees (in tons recycled)
Percentage of Recyclables Collected On-Time
Number of Tires Removed
Total Number of Complaints About Residential Refuse Collection
Number of Complaints About Residential Refuse Collection Service per 1000 Population
Street Miles Cleaned
Sanitation Citations Issued
Sanitation Warnings Issued
Average Number of Citations Issued per Inspector/Enforcement Officer
Average Number of Warnings Issued per Inspector/Enforcement Officer

Water and Wastewater
Number of Gallons of Water Treated
Percentage of Time Baltimore’s Drinking Water Met or Surpassed State/Federal Standards
Water Purity: Average Annual Turbidity (ntu)
Number of Water Main Breaks
Average Time to Repair a Water Main Break (hours)
Miles of Water Main Replaced
Number of Storm Drains Cleaned
Number of Customer Requests for Storm Drain Cleaning
Miles of Sewer Replaced
Percentage of Hydrants Available
Number of Hydrants Repaired
Number of Hydrant Locks Installed
Percentage Water Pumped that is not Billed to Customers
Miles of Pipeline Surveyed for Leaks
Percentage of Customer Bills Based on Actual Readings
Percentage of Customer Bills Based on Estimates
Billing Collection Rates
Fleet Management
Number of Vehicles (Citywide)
Average Citywide Fleet Availability
Scheduled Mechanical Repairs as a Percentage of Total Mechanical Repairs (Excluding Accidents)
Percentage of Refuse Compactors Required Actually Provide
Average Refuse Collection Vehicle Availability
Percentage of Police Patrol Cars Required Actually Provided
Average Police Patrol Car Availability
Percentage of Fire Suppression Apparatus Required Actually Provided
Average Fire Suppression Apparatus Availability
Percentage of EMS Units Required Actually Provided
Average EMS Units Availability
Average Availability ‘ Balance of Fleet
Scheduled Mechanical Repairs (excluding accidents)
Unscheduled Mechanical Repairs (excluding accidents)
Accident Repair Work Orders
Total Repair Work Orders
Size of Fleet by Category
Average Age by Category
Average Mileage by Category
Vehicle Replacement Criteria
Percentage of Fleet Available for use by Operating Personnel, Broken Down by Service Area
Percentage of Fleet Which by the End of the Year Exceeds Replacement Criteria
Operating Cost per Mile
Gallons of Fuel Utilized
Average Cost per Gallon of Fuel

General Services
Total Square Feet of Facilities Owned or Leased by Type of Structure
Total Direct Operating and Maintenance Cost per Square Foot of all Maintained Facilities,
– Excluding Areas Outside of Structure
Custodial Cost per Square Foot
Ratio of Emergency Repair Hours to Total Maintenance or Repair Hours
Ratio of Total Hours on Preventive Maintenance to Total Maintenance or Repair Hours
Average Response Time to Emergency Repairs
Building Services Work Order Backlog
Total Lease Costs
Building Service Requests Completed
Labor-Hours Expended to Support Public Events
Building Services Labor-Hours Expended to Support Public Events

Ditch Restorations Completed
Miles Resurfaced
Potholes Repaired
Streetlight Minor Repairs
Traffic Linestriping Square Feet Applied
Traffic Signal Malfunction Repairs
Permits Issued
Cave-Ins Restored
Number of Working Days to Repair a Pothole (Peak Season)
Number of Working Days to Repair a Pothole (Non-Peak Season)
Traffic Linestriping – Crosswalk Intersections
Traffic Signal Major Repairs or Revisions – Signal Heads Repaired/Revised
Traffic Signal Relamping Program – Intersections Completed
Signs and Poles Replaced/Repaired
Number of Street Name Signs Installed
Traffic Signal Posts – Days Per Post Repaired
Response Time for Major Repairs of Luminaries (in days)
City Bridges Designed, Reconstructed, Resurfaced
Number of Reconstruction and Resurfacing Jobs
– Pre Design
– Design
– Post-Design
Number of Lane Miles of Road Maintained
Number of Days with Freezing or Snow Conditions

Field Maintenance
Total Acres of Grass Cut
Mowing Frequency (# of weeks between cuts)
Number of Maintenance Jobs Completed
Street and Park Trees Pruned
Number of Ballfields Renovated
Street and Park Trees Removed
Street and Park Trees Planted
Number of Partnerships with ‘Friends of the Park’ Volunteer Organizations
Number of Special Events
Number of Ballfields Maintained

Permitting, Inspections, Demolitions
Average Response Time in Calendar Days for Initial Inspection of Code Violations
Permit Inspections
Licenses Issued
Business Compliance License Inspections
Buildings Demolished
– Residential
– Commercial
Average Cost of Demolition
– Residential
– Commercial
Number of String Demolitions
Clean and Seal – Buildings Treated
Clean and Seal – Lots Treated
Complaints & Service Requests Processed
Average Time in Calendar Days for Progressing from Inspector’s Report to Either Voluntary Compliance or the Initiation of Administrative or Judicial Action
Percentage of Code Violations Brought into Voluntary Compliance Prior to Initiation of Administrative or Judicial Action
Number of Code Violations Issued per Full Time Equivalent Code Enforcement Inspector
Number of Code Violations Resolved per Full Time Equivalent Code Enforcement Inspector