Public-private partnerships commission holds first meetings

The Joint Legislative and Executive Commission on Oversight of Public-Private Partnerships has held the first three of six scheduled meetings to review Maryland’s existing laws regarding the establishment of public-private partnerships.

Among other things, the commission is charged with making recommendations for adjusting Maryland’s procedures for establishing, monitoring, and assessing the budgetary impacts of public-private partnerships.

GBC president and CEO, Donald C. Fry, appeared before the commission at its September 14 meeting to outline the review and preliminary recommendations of the state’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Maryland Transportation Funding regarding the use of public-private partnerships relating to transportation infrastructure.

The commission is required to submit a report the lawmakers prior to the 2012 General Assembly session.

Preliminary Blue Ribbon Commission findings include recommendations that the legislative review process of such partnerships include reasonable milestones and timeframes, and that the current state regulatory process for partnerships be re-evaluated to reflect current transportation infrastructure needs.



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