Recommendations and Projected Results

Recommendations and Projected Results
This report contains a series of recommendations that can be viewed as a blueprint for improving the management of Baltimore housing-related functions. If implemented, some of the recommendations will yield savings by eliminating programs that are not adequately performing. Other recommendations are aimed at improving service without increasing costs. Still others call for some expansion in effort, on the sound assumption that paying more today will result in increased City revenues in the future. The project team’s key recommendations are summarized in the following statements:

– Reorganize and consolidate the Department to reduce management costs and provide more consistent service.

– Re-direct the Department’s MIS strategy to resolve the current crisis.

– Privatize the property management function of HABC to reduce costs and improve quality of service.

– Transform the Neighborhood Service Centers [‘NSC’] to improve service delivery at the neighborhood level.

– Overhaul the process of property acquisition and disposition to enhance neighborhood redevelopment.

– Eliminate the backlog of vacant buildings needing boarding and cleaning to reduce blight in the city’s neighborhoods.

– Streamline the code enforcement process to increase the number of inspections performed annually and to more efficiently enforce housing code violations.

– Privatize the Section 8 voucher program or overhaul the program’s management strategy to improve service to program participants and to de-concentrate Section 8 units in impacted neighborhoods.

– Evaluate and privatize the transfer of resident services programs to reduce management costs associated with non-housing related functions.

The implementation of these key recommendations would result in much-needed service improvement throughout the Department. The cost savings associated with the changes would range from low to high.

Major Recommendation Areas Cost Savings (to Agency) (low, moderate, high) Service Improvement (low, mod., high)
Reorganize Department moderate high
Re-direct MIS strategy low high
Privatize HABC high high
Transform NSCs high high
Overhaul acquisitions process low high
Eliminate boarding backlog low high
Streamline code enforcement high high
Privatize and/or overhaul Section 8 low high
Privatize and evaluate resident services moderate moderate

The Greater Baltimore Committee and Presidents’ Roundtable is convinced that the implementation of these recommendations would not only make the Department more efficient, but that they would put the Department on the path of becoming one of the best housing departments in the country.

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Recommendations and Projected Results