Regional Workforce Development Initiative Continues to Advance


The Implementation Workgroup appointed to oversee the implementation of the GBC’s Regional Workforce Development Initiative has approved a four component strategy that together will encompass all 69 recommendations found in the Preparing for the Future:  A Regional Workforce Development Initiative report. These four components include:

  • Centralization of Information Website
  • Apprenticeship Awareness Campaign
  • Stakeholder Education & Engagement
  • Advocacy and Outreach for Policy and Program Reforms

The Regional Workforce Development Initiative is aimed at ensuring the Baltimore region has a skilled pipeline of future workers who can fill jobs that do not require a traditional four-year college degree but provide a family-supporting wage in four sectors: Business Services, Information Technology, Healthcare, and Construction. The 69 recommendations address a number of issues in the current workforce system, including those related to barriers, equity and inclusion, advocacy, employer responsibility and training and education.

Volunteers are now working to finalize the detailed steps involved in each of the four strategy components and will participate in project execution in 2022. Considerations of the recommendations have already been included in GBC Advocacy and Outreach activities throughout 2021 and additional activities will begin with the legislative session in January, 2022. The region’s workforce agencies and the Department of Labor Apprenticeship representatives are being convened to finalize the Apprenticeship Awareness Campaign details with plans of delivering 4-6 educational sessions by summer 2022. RFP development for the website is underway to get responses needed for budget preparation by late spring. Volunteer web developers, graphic designers, marketing, and industry subject matter experts are being recruited to participate in the project. Interested parties should contact Yvette Diamond at the Greater Baltimore Committee at